Jared Williams

Ralph Waldo Emerson forever enlightened me with the quote, "Life is a Journey, Not a Destination." I
often say, do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow, and take the small steps now to
transform you into the person you see yourself to be.

My name is Jared Williams. I am a father, brother, son, business owner, coach, healer, and mental
performance coach. I believe that anything is possible with the correct application of the right tools and
skills. I choose to coach volleyball so that I can give back to the wonderfully dynamic sport that brought
me so much joy my entire life.
I started playing when I was six and coached my first team at fifteen. I played on the only JO boys team
in NC and competed against men and local Universities like Duke and UNC. After suffering from chronic
knee pain, I stopped playing indoor, relocated to Florida, and focused solely on beach volleyball. I have
a Sports Medicine background, twenty-two years of experience as a sports massage therapist, and a
master's in Sport Psychology.
Coaching goes beyond teaching skills and winning on the court. It requires emotional intelligence and
mental toughness. My goal with each team and player to instill integrity, responsibility, teamwork, need
for failure, detachment from outcome, and positive self-talk.