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Club Volleyball is our most popular and longest season we offer. Level of play ranges by age and by skill. We offer three different levels, Elite (our highest program), Premier (our most popular program), and Regional (for our newer or not as experienced players). Practices are held twice a week, with some starting in November ending in April. You must tryout for this division of play and will be placed on a team according to your age and skill level.

Teams compete from November through June. Players must participate in our summer tryouts to get placed on a team.
Our Elite teams are the most competitive of the three programs. Players are trained to compete at an elite level. This programs requires traveling to tournaments  regionally, as well as a some out-of-state.

Our Elite Teams participate in several national qualifiers and have the opportunity to earn a bid to the AAU Girls Junior National Championships, hosted in Orlando, FL.

This level will continue after regular season and compete in the AAU National Championships. This is a four-day tournament. Practices for this start in May.

Players in this program go on to be high school standouts and a good percentage go on to play at the collegiate level.  We provide recruiting assistance to help players achieve their dreams. 

Teams compete from December through April. Players must participate in our summer tryouts to get placed on a team.
Our Premier teams are the most popular of the three programs. These team mirror our Elite Teams with a few exceptions. Their tournaments are all exclusively in-state tournaments. Many of which are two-day, overnight tournaments. 

This is still a very competitive program while competition agnist some high-level teams at elite tournaments. 

This program  tends to attract players who enjoy playing buy may have other commitments,  want training and play at a level high enough to make their high school team.  Or like the club experience without the extensive travel.


Teams compete from January through April. Players must participate in our summer tryouts to get placed on a team.
Our Regional teams are usually our newer players that have an interests in volleyball maybe without the time commitment the upper levels require.

They will practice twice a week with only one-day tournaments. 

This program  tends to attract beginning players looking to start their club experience as well as more talented players who want the training and competition but not the travel. 

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